About KDC Systems

Leading Provider of Industrial Process Control & Building Automation Systems Services

KDC Systems, a division of KDC Inc., has three functional facilities control systems groups serving our customers based in Southern California’s Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura regions:

  • Process Control Services
  • Industrial Control Services
  • HVAC & Building Automation Systems (BAS) Services

Each group designs, installs, and commissions control systems that utilize automated controllers such as PLCs and DCSs. The client interacts with these building automation controllers through graphical interface software packages from vendors such as Wonderware, Intellution and Rockwell Software. These control systems are interfaced to client IT and ERP systems through industry standard links such as OPC, ODBC and SQL Server.

KDC Systems is one of the few firms in the industry that provides all of the facilities, mechanical and electrical construction services required to complete a building control systems project without reliance on subcontractors. Other firms solicit projects with the intent of subcontracting much of the work, but KDC Systems executes all work in-house. This makes our firm more cost competitive and allows us to control projects more closely. Our in-house capabilities include:

  • Conceptual Design with Experienced Senior Engineers
  • Project Management with PMI Certified Project Managers
  • Detailed Engineering with Licensed Professional Engineers
  • Software Development and Network Management
  • System Integration with Microsoft Certified System Engineers
  • Procurement with Technically Qualified Personnel
  • Panel Assembly with our own UL Certified Panel Shop
  • Construction Management with Trained General Foremen
  • Electrical Installation with our own Union Electrical Group
  • Instrument Calibration Performed by ISA Certified Control Systems Technicians with NIST Traceable Instruments
  • Validation
  • Commissioning and Start Up
  • Training

KDC Systems and its employees hold all required licenses including a contractors’ license and Professional Engineering licenses in electrical and control systems. We can bond projects up to $50 million and we have completed bonded projects as large as $30 million.