Curt Reese


Value Delivered

Curt manages KDC Systems’ information technology (IT) department. He provides consulting services company-wide including IT procurement, support, and training.

Responsible for IT analysis and operation, Curt determines the suitability of IT solutions and implements software, hardware, and peripherals to facilitate desired technological functions. He also provides development, programming, and testing of custom applications such as databases and business software.

Coordinating with senior level management, Curt helps ensure the provision of all required technological needs in alignment with our corporate mission, values, and goals.


Curt has been with the company for more than 32 years, serving as Chief Estimator and then Vice President of Technology.

He has a Master of Science degree in computer science from California State University Long Beach, and an IT Management certification from Cal Poly Pomona.

The Personal Side

Outside of work, Curt enjoys hockey games, opera, concerts, art collecting, performance driving, and spending time with his grandchildren.