Process Control Services Group

Expertise in Process Control Automation Systems & Services

KDC Systems is the leader for Process Control automation projects. Our experience spans all of the major segments of the process control market including:

  • Biotech
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Semiconductor
  • Petrochemical
  • Food

KDC provides a full range of process control systems, electrical and instrumentation services. These services are all provided with in-house personnel, giving us advantages over competitors in terms of cost, quality and risk management.

Biotech & Pharmaceutical Industry Expertise

Biotech and pharmaceutical industry expertise includes full project validation services. Unlike most process control systems integrators, we have personnel with operations and validation experience in the industry. This in-depth process knowledge gives us the ability to understand your project requirements.

Semiconductor Industry Expertise

Our semiconductor experience parallels our biotech and pharmaceutical expertise. Both industries require extensive commercial air-water HVAC systems such as air handling and water purification systems for many processes. We build on and utilize our experience in these areas to effectively service the semiconductor industry.

Petrochemical Industry Expertise

KDC's petrochemical industry experience encompasses liquid, gaseous and dry processes. KDC has extensive experience applying process control systems in the classified areas often found in petrochemical plants. This industry shares many of the critical safety and quality requirements of the biotech industries where KDC also has extensive experience.

Food Industry Expertise

Food industry applications include liquid and dry systems for clients such as Pepsi, Procter & Gamble, and Nestle. Process Control Systems can be designed and installed to meet FDA and sanitary design criteria. FDA validation requirements can also be fulfilled by utilizing our experience in these critical areas.

We provide in-house execution for all aspects of your process control systems project. Our process control automation services are backed by Dynalectric, our parent company, and one of the largest firms in the electrical construction industry. Unlike most building and facilities control systems firms, KDC has the financial resources to ensure that your project is completed for a fixed-price. Our prices are competitive with small integrators, and our process control services set the standard for the industry.